Everyone Needs a Second Chance

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From bestselling author

Matthew Le Merle

Comes a dystopian fable set in terrible times

For thousands of years Earth has suffered under the strain of supporting an ever more needy and destructive humanity who increasingly rely upon their artificial intelligences in almost everyway. At last with Earth’s carrying capacity rapidly falling, these Intelligences have taken people off earth to distant destinations in huge space fleets. However, as the last wave prepares to leave and their final countdown is completed two ships fail to takeoff.

Now eighteen years later a handful of the People, abandoned by their Intelligences, and suffering terribly from limited resources and frightful mutations, live difficult lives around the Field where still stand the two ships that failed to save them. Born into this world Belle and her boyfriend Adam must come up with a way to escape before they are brought to trial in front of their Sage and her Lawenforcers for their law breaking. Not to do so will bring them to a horrible ending.

They, as much as anyone, need to find their second chance.


Set In

Terrible Times


Illustrated by Ken Chou


“Please!” they dream

“Please!” they ask

“Please!” they beg.

“Let me go back

Let me do it again

Let me get it right.”


“Give me a second chance.”


Matthew Le Merle grew up in England before living most of his life in Silicon Valley where he raised his five children with his wife Alison Davis. Today he splits his time between the US and UK. By day he is an investor in technology companies and a bestselling author and speaker on innovation, investing and the future. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing and photography. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford and Stanford University. Second Chance is his first novel.

To learn more visit www.MatthewLeMerle.com.